The SU-30 fighter finished the flight along Chkalov's route 2 hours earlier


On Friday the honoured test pilot Anatoly Kvochur successfully took a non-stop flight from Moscow to Chkalov Island (ex Udd Island) and back in a SU-30 fighter. The distance of flight along Chkalov's route which was the record set by the legendary pilot at his time totalled over 12.5 thousand kilometres.

Taking off from Moscow-area airfield Zhukovsky on Friday at 02.38 Moscow time the plane landed at Moscow-area airfield of the Flight test institute named after Gromov at 15.40, ITAR-TASS reports.

The total flight time came to about 13 hours (it was earlier anticipated that the flight would take 15 hours). The Hero of Russia Kvochur dedicated this flight with four air-refuellings to the deed of Valery Chkalov who set the world flight distance record 70 years ago.

The famed Russian test pilot together with his partner Sergey Korostiev demonstrated the high capabilities of modern Russian weaponry and military technologies including satellite navigation and in-flight refuelling facilities.

The characteristic feature of the SU-30 which was used to repeat the record flight is the "totally digital and full-coloured" first panel. "It has no electromechanic indicators and the display's memory is huge", Anatoly Kvochur explained.

Valery Chkalov took a non-stop flight from Moscow to Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky together with Georgy Bajdukov and Aleksandr Belyakov on July 20th-22nd, 1936.


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