Exhibition Holding MVK

The Exhibition Holding MVK is one of the largest exposition companies in Russia.

Nowadays, the holding MVK organizes more than 80 famous and new international specialized exhibitions that practically cover all fields of modern industry.


President of the holding - Andrey Vitalievich LapshinDirector General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK (International Exhibition Company) - Aleksey Yurievich Shaburov

President of the holding — Andrey Vitalievich Lapshin
Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK (International Exhibition Company): Alexey Yurievich Shaburov

MVK expositions are called to promote the development of the industrial market in Russia and flow of investments into the Russian economy.

One of the principles of MVK’s activity is involvement in the organization of the specialized international expositions of leading Russian and foreign professional unions, groups and associations. Thus, our professionalism in the sphere of organizing exhibitions, combined with the reputation of these partners and their excellent knowledge of the industrial market, allows us to hold expositions that give an opportunity to its participants not only to demonstrate their products, to find partners and to sign contracts, but also to study the market using the official information on the situation in the relevant market segment and on its future development received in the exhibition.

And the new company within the holding, MVK Event, will help you in carrying out all your goals. It organizes and holds exclusive presentations, banquets, corporate events, festivals and PR-campaigns of any level of complexity. The MVK Event company also offers to you the organization of non-traditional events, following your requests, with the participation of the media if needed. MVK holding is not only an excellent partner in organizing expositions, but also a perfect assistant in carrying out your most challenging projects!

The site of the holding:


The Research Pilot Center

Пилотажно-исследовательский центр

The research pilot center (until 1996: pilot group “Test Pilots”) was founded by A.N. Kvochura in 1992 at LII of M.M. Gromov to carry out research programmes on the design of cabins and control units over maneuvering aircrafts, satellite radio navigation, over extra refueling in the air, extra long-distance non-stop flights, extra-maneuverability operations, for medical purposes, as well as for the purpose of performance of demonstrative flights of the Su-27, Su-30 and MiG- 29 planes to be done individually or in a group.

The name “Test Pilots” has always been and still is a distinction mark of the Research Pilot center, a feature of its high class. The goal of the center is: the demonstration by the LII pilots of their achievements and the promising projects of the Russian aviation industry. The commander of the group is Anatoliy Kvochur.


Dear Friends!
Анатолий КвочурI sincerely welcome you on the project “Exposition of MVK achievements in the stratosphere — Still higher, and higher, and higher!" I have always admired the exploit of the great soviet pilot Valery Chkalov and I was dreaming to follow his heroic route once again.

I am very grateful to MVK exposition holding for carrying out my dream. This is a unique company, conscious of its social responsibility and ready to share its wealth with people to give them fun and a chance to rejoice. I hope that the example of MVK holding will inspire the owners of other companies and that the idea of charity projects in Russia will be reanimated.

Nowadays, when the Russian public is in active search of a national idea capable to unite all the citizens of this immense country, it is important to appeal to history, to the events that we can be proud of. The non- stop flight by Chkalov —this is one of such events that has a full patriotic impact.

I wish your dreams will come true!

A. Kvochur
Hero of Russia, a distinguished test-pilot

Pilots of the Research Pilot Center
  • Anatoliy Kvochur
    Hero of Russia, a distinguished test-pilot of the USSR
  • Vladmir Loginovskiy
    Hero of Russia, test-pilot of the 1-st category
  • Alexandr Garnaev
    Hero of Russia, test-pilot of the 1-st category
  • Alexandr Pavlov
    test-pilot of the 1-st category
  • Vladimir Birukov
    a distinguished test-pilot of the Russian Federation

Site of the research pilot center:


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