SU-30 went along Chkalov's route and returned


A SU-30 fighter flown by the Hero of Russia Anatoly Kvochur and Sergey Korostiev, has successfully finished the 15-hour flight, as reported by RIA Novosti. Having taken off from the Moscow-area Zhukovsky airfield in the evening of September 7th, the plane made a round trip to Chkalov Island (ex Udd Island) in the Amur estuary and back.

The flight coincided with the anniversary of the first extra-long-range flight by Valery Chkalov and crew on ANT-25 plane from Moscow to Udd Island. The SU-30 was refuelled in-flight four times from IL-78 petrol carriers. The flight’s aim was checking the performance of the navigation and communication systems and in-flight refuelling.

The SU-30 which set the flight record has a "intellectual control cabin" without the traditional electromechanical panel with arrows. The pilots monitored the indicators on multifunctional large-screen LCD displays.

Following the route of Zhukovsky-Igarka-Yakutsk-Chkalov Island (ex Udd Island) in the Amur estuary - Neryungri-Tomsk-Zhukovsky the SU-30 covered 12 417 kilometres with pilots spending half a day seated.


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