The Still higher, and higher, and higher! Project at government level

Still higher, and higher, and higher! is a project that represents a large number of events that embrace the past, present and future of Russia.
The past pays tribute to the historic flight by Valery Chkalov, made in 1936.

The present represents a flight by Anatoliy Kvochur and Serguey Korostiev on board a SU-30 seventy years later, on the 8th of September.

The future is a renascence of Russians“ pride for their country. It is a continuation of our great past traditions. It is the World’s first Exposition in the Stratosphere, held by the MVK holding on board a IL-78 in order to refuel the SU-30. It is a show to be held at the Eiffel Tower. It is a planned flight from Moscow to Vancouver (USA) over the North Pole.

The exhibition, placed at the State Duma building, was a centerpiece for performances, to the left of which guests could see the historical exhibition dedicated to the flight by Valery Chkalov in 1936, and to the right side there is an information stand to honour the flight by Anatoliy Kvochur and Serguey Korostiev while the scent is still hot.

However, the World’s First Exposition in the Stratosphere, placed near the stand about the SU-30 flight, took the most attention. This stand was exhibited at the height of 12100 meters, officially hitting the history by being documented in the Russian Book of Records. In fact there were two exhibitions: The Stars of Russian furniture: Still higher, and higher, and higher! and the Exposition of the MVK achievements in the stratosphere.

Deputies of the State Duma supported the MVK holding initiative to hold the exhibition in the State Duma. The exhibition opened on October 10th at noon.
Gennady Ivanovich Raikov, Member of the Security Committee, Chairman of Russian Aviation and Cosmonautics Inter-Fraction Deputy Association was to open the ceremony.
“There are some events, when we lose something, but the flight made on September 8th is the acquisition for sure. We also revived the memory about the Valery Chkalov’s record and proved that we remember our history. The MVK holding organized and financed the flight of the SU-30, showing an obvious example of patriotic partnership,” Gennady Ivanovich said.
Oleg Vasilevich Utkin, Deputy Administrator of the State Duma Staff of the Russian Federation, addressed with a welcoming speech to the guests of the ceremony. “The Still higher, and higher, and higher! project is a remarkable event we have not estimated well enough yet. Such projects are made to show that Russia embarked on collecting pieces ever split. A unification of patriotic business with the state” interest is to be done. On behalf of half a thousand employees of the State Duma, I welcome the MVK holding and its business. Deputies carefully followed the flight of the SU-30, called and showed their interest in the projects. We were waiting for the result of this trip. It is a big deal to overcome 15000 kilometers in 14 hours. I wish the MVK holding to reach success in everything in future!”

Alexey Alexeevich Sigutkin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defence Committee, Lieutenant-general of the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) also performed with a speech at the opening ceremony.

“This event gave us a reason to be proud our work. We are thankful to those who put forward the idea of flight and organized the process, namely MVK holding. This project shows us that good traditions of literature are still alive in Russia; proves the existence of smart people of a brave spirit and strong character in our country,” Alexey Alexeevich said.
Yury Petrovich Senturin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, Transport and Communications also made a speech at the event.
Having started his speech with the importance of a flight by Valery Chkalov, he moved forward and spoke on the achievement made on September 8th.
“This flight demonstrated new possibilities of current Russian technology. Moreover, it showed the skill and the ability to manage modern airplanes. People are concerned about the number of crashes and we are doing everything possible to improve the situation. At this conjuncture, the commercial domestic enterprise MVK showed us a patriotic spirit. This flight is an event that has become the lodestar of Russia’s patriotic way,” Yury Petrovich said.

Anatoliy Kvochur, Hero of Russia; pilots of the Il-78; Valeria Valerevna Chkalova, daughter of the legendary pilot and also owners of leading Russian furniture brands (Dobry Stil Group; MK Shatura; MK Katiusha (Dyatkovo)) made the welcoming speeches at the opening ceremony as well.
Alexey Yurievich Shaburov, the author of the Still higher, and higher, and higher! project, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice-President of MVK, the International Exhibition Company, closed the ceremony personally.

Having thanked everyone who have made a contribution to the event realization, Alexey Shaburov particularly commented on the World's First Exhibition in the Stratosphere holding. Apropos of this, he awarded representatives of the Russian Association of the Furniture Industry with certificates, namely Mr. Zverev; Sergey Avdeev, owner of the MK Katiusha (Dyatkovo) company; Sergey Batyrev, director of the Dobry Stil Group factory and MK Shatura furniture company.
The opening ceremony ended to the sound of the Russian national anthem.
Over four days, the MVK holding workers: Alena Bazhenova, Elena Mescheriakova, Ekaterina Pastukhova and Tatiana Polozova, have been working at the stand placed at the State Duma. They had a mission to inform deputies and everyone interested about the Still higher, and higher, and higher! project. They also collected the biggest number of gratitude comments for the organized event.

The presentation of the Still higher, and higher, and higher! project came to an end on October 13th.
Andrey Victorovich Loginov, Russian Government Plenipotentiary at the State Duma of the Russian Federation spoke at the closing ceremony.
Once again he thanked the organizers, having named the exposition “one of the most successful exhibitions of this year, which brings us back to the history of Russia” and said that the purpose and meaning of the exhibition are close to the representatives of all factions.
Oleg Vasilevich Utkin performed with a speech at the closing ceremony as well on behalf of the State Duma deputies. He wished to the MVK holding all the best once again and remarked the “unquestionable professionalism” of the team and its patriotism.
Andrey Vitalievich Lapshin, President of the MVK holding continued the closing ceremony by thanking the audience and ensuring everyone in a successful realization of more unprecedented projects in the future.

Alexey Yurievich Shaburov, the author of the Still higher, and higher, and higher! project“, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice-President of MVK, the International Exhibition Company, closed the entire ceremony.
He expressed his sincere gratitude to all participants of the project one more time, particularly having thanked the deputies of the State Duma for the warm welcome.
Alexey Shaburov announced the company's plans for the future by itself.
“The exposition in the stratosphere is not all we are capable of. I can now declare that in December of 2006 MVK holding will hold a unique exhibition at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The organization of the legendary Chkalov’s route: Moscow – the North Pole — Vancouver (USA) has already begun. We want to prove there is no limit to our abilities. The main thing is to have the support of those who surround you, and join our effort. Then, I am sure that we, Russians, will live kinder and better. We must and we will live well.”

The entire event was closed to the sound of Russian national anthem.
We do remember our great historical past.
We are proud of our present and we are looking forward to our worth-while future.

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