Test-pilot Anatoly Kvochur completed a non-stop flight mimicking Chkalov’s route

Source: trud.ru

Today, Anatoly Kvochur, Hero of Russia, Honorary Test Pilot of the USSR has completed a non-stop Su-30 flight repeating the route of the legendary Valery Chkalov. He landed at the Gromov Test Pilot Institute’s airbase in Moscow Oblast at 03:40 pm Moscow time, vesti.ru reports. The total flight range was over twelve thousand and five hundred kilometres covered in less than fifteen hours, ITAR-TASS reports.

Anatoly Kvochur dedicated the flight with four refuelings to the feat of Valery Chkalov who had set a world record in flight range seventy years ago. Kvochur and his co-pilot Sergei Korostiev have demonstrated the power of the modern Russian military aircraft and technology, i.e. satellite navigation and in-flight refueling.

Source: trud.ru

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