SU-30 repeats Chkalov’s deed


Anatoly Kvochur and Sergey Korostiev finished their non-stop flight in a SU-30 fighter from Moscow to the Far East and back along Valery Chkalov’s route, Rossiya TV-channel reports.

The plane landed at Moscow-area airfield of the Flight test institute named after Gromov at 15.40 Moscow time. The flight lasted for about 15 hours; the flight distance was over 12.5 thousand kilometres. Chkalov’s route went right across Russian territory to Udd Island on Kamchatka.

From July 20th-22nd, 1936 Valery Chkalov together with Georgy Bajdukov and Aleksandr Belyakov flew non-stop from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. From June 18th-20th, 1937 the same crew flew from Moscow to Vancouver (USA) via the North Pole.


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