The pilot of SU-30 has eaten nothing during a 15-hour flight


The pilot Anatoly Kvochur only ate three apples during a nonstop record-setting SU-30 flight in the same flight path as the legendary pilot Valery Chkalov.

“There is nothing extraordinary for me about this flight. You are wondering if we ate anything in the air. Well, I had three apples”, said the pilot soon after landing at Zhukovsky port airfield in his interview to RIA Novosti.

The flight of the SU-30 fighter flown by the Hero of Russia Anatoly Kvochur and Sergey Korostiev lasted 15 hours.

Having taken off from Zhukovsky airdrome located near Moscow on September 7th, the plane reached Chkalov Island (formerly called Udd Island) in the Amur estuary and made its way back. The SU-30 was refuelled in-flight four times from IL-78 petrol carriers. The flight’s aim was checking the performance of the navigation and communication systems and in-flight refuelling.

The honoured test pilot, the Hero of Russia Anatoly Kvochur dedicated this four times air-refuelling flight to the deed of Valery Chkalov who set the flying distance world record 70 years ago.


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