Russian pilot Anatoly Kvochur seeks to repeat Valery Chkalov's flight


Last night Kvochur took off the Moscow-area Zhukovsky airfield. The pilot plans to reach Chkalov Island in the Okhotsk Sea and return to Moscow in 15 hours.

The flight route is slightly different from Chkalov's – Kvochur is flying almost straight, not over the Arctic Ocean like his famous predecessor.

Chkalov's flight back in 1936 lasted 56 hours and became the world's first non-stop 9.5 thousand kilometres flight. It was truly a deed covering such distance in a single-engined aircraft.

Anatoly Kvochur, who was himself named the flying legend, admitted that he would not dare to get behind the Chkalov's plane wheel. The pilot was flying the modern SU-30 fighter. It is also not meant for long-distance flights, the pilots are going to have the plane refueled five times in the air.


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