Presentation of the project “Still higher, and higher, and higher!”

MVK, International Exhibition Holding held a presentation of the Still higher, and higher, and higher! project in Pavilion 4.3 of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre on August 12th. The holding presented the major components of a large scale campaign to a number of visitors and journalists. The campaign, which is to be held on September 6th, 2006, will combine two interrelated events: The first exposition in the stratosphere (at a height of 12,000 meters) and a non-stop flight by Anatoliy Kvochur, Russian Hero, following the route Moscow — isle of Chkalov (Udd isle in the past) — Moscow on board a Su-30 plane.

A link between these two events will be the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the non-stop flight by the Hero of the Soviet Union, Valery Chkalov, made in July 1936.
Anatoliy Kvochur will cover more than 12,500 km from Zhukovskiy to the isle of Chkalov and back. It will take around 14 hours and 30 minutes. The exposition of MVK achievements in the stratosphere will be launched at the same time with the second top-up in the sky. The small exposition will be held on board the Il-78 refueling tanker that will take off from Dyagilevo Airport (Ryazan) and will present all the exhibition brands by MVK holding.

The most prominent Russian pilots, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations attended the presentation.

The decoration of the presentation pavilion showed MVK’s strive to continue the work of generations to benefit the entire country. The artificially recreated atmosphere of flying romance like in the 30s of the last century transferred the attitude and enthusiasm of the Chkalovtsy. There were two “living statues of pioneers” welcoming guests at the entrance of the pavilion. Girls and boys dressed like Timurites (the participants of the Timur movement, an altruistic youth volunteering movement in the Soviet Union) welcomed everybody inside the pavilion accompanied by Leonid Utesov, Ivan Kozlovsky and Isaak Dunaevsky’s music. The picture of the epoch was completed with photo shoots from a documentary film and the buffet called the Flying canteen, where everyone could try the favourite meals and drinks of the Chkalovtsy. The spectacular laser show made a link between the eras and paved the way for the future under the slogan “It is time to unite friends”. The show made a visual presentation of the future flight as well. Right after that Alexey Shaburov, Author of the project, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice President of MVK, International Exhibition Holding made a speech. Speaking on the project’s significance, he pointed out that “our project is designed to draw public attention to the genuine heroism of the past and present. The project will spread a kind of bridge between the eras and will become an example of the unity of society and business for the benefit of Russia”.

Anatoliy Kvochur’s speech became a culminating point of the event as he introduced the crew, spoke on the difficulties of the future flight and thanked the organizers. “This is the first time ever I have seen a business being absolutely patriotic,” the hero admitted with obvious satisfaction. Valeria Chkalova, daughter of the famous pilot, welcomed everyone as well.

A press-conference with the participation of: Andrey Lapshin, President of MVK, International Exhibition Holding; Alexey Shaburov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice President of MVK, International Exhibition Holding; Anatoliy Kvochur, Hero of Russia, a distinguished test-pilot of the USSR and Alexey Svistunov, official representative of the Guinness Book of Records took place right after the presentation.

Answering the reporters' numerous questions, they opened up about the technical and organizational details of the project.

The Record Book of Russia and the Guinness Book of Records will follow up this project attentively and will register this historic fact of the First exposition of MVK achievements in the stratosphere at a height of over 12,000 meters. A group of lucky people will be able to examine the exposition in the air. During the flight, the events in support of this project will be held on the ground. Moreover, the flight will have a large send-off party and a spectacular show Welcome Back of the Heroes in honour of their return.

The first exposition of MVK achievements in the stratosphere is the first huge and outstanding project by the new company MVK Events, made to organize any exclusive and unusual events. The project will become one of the most important elements in the large-scale and long-term programme of the holding made to promote brands by the holding’s exhibition projects and to extend their geographical coverage. The flight is to be a symbolic event: it will pave the way through the air to regions and countries; mark the route of the exhibitions” movement on MVK’s event map, which are to be held on the ground in the nearest future.

This material is prepared by the press service of MVK, International Exhibition Holding.

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Photo Report — Alexey Viktorov

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