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On September 8th, 2006 at 15.42 Moscow the fighter-interceptor Su-30 piloted by a crew of Russian Heroes: a distinguished test pilot of the USSR Anatoliy kvochur, landed on the airfield Ramesnskoe (Zhukovskiy). The plane took off from Ramenkoe at night, at 2.35 a.m, reached the isle of Chkalov in the Far East and returned. The flight was made within the framework of the project of the International Exhibition Holding MVK "Still higher, and higher, and higher" in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the legendary flight by Valery Chkalov in 1936.

In 13 hours the Su-30 covered 15,000 km, having consumed around 40 tons of fuel. The height taken by the plane varied between 8,100 km and 16,700 km. During the flight 4 refuels were made in the air by two Il-78 air tankers. A new navigation system was also tested that allows the crew to determine the location of the other crafts at a long distance, with high precision and independently, without radar stations. According to Anatoliy Kvochur: "the flight was affected without any problems and the equipment functioned exceptionally well”.

Once landed, the heroes were welcomed by: the author of the project, Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK (International Exhibition Company), Alexey Shaburov; the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force of the RF, Vladimir Mikhailov; deputy of the State Duma of the RF Yuri Sentyurin and the media. Right after the landing and the formal welcome with bread and salt, a press-conference was held. The multiple questions of the journalists were answered by: the Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK (International Exhibition Company) - Alexey Shaburov; the Russian Hero Anatoliy Kvochur; the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force of the RF, Vladimir Mikhailov and by the second pilot, test pilot, holder of the Order of Courage, Serguey Korostiev.


Anatoliy Kvochur thanked Alexey Shaburov. "You are the only representatives from the world of business who have brought into life a project of such a scale and could organize our flight. Business is becoming patriotic. It is a good start. I hope that it will continue” said the pilot.

Speaking about the essence of the project "Still higher, and higher, and higher!" Alexey Shaburov explained that he had conceived and organized the project with the purpose of "showing an example of patriotism" to his fellow businessmen and to unite Russian business for the benefit of the country. "Not only did we pay homage to history and to the memory of Chkalov, we also introduced a bright novelty to it: the First World Exposition in the Stratosphere. Thus, these wings have carried up the economic welfare of Russia" declared the Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK (International Exhibition Company)


"The first exposition in the stratosphere" at a height of 12,000 meters was opened after the fourth refuel in the air of the Su-30 piloted by A.Kvochur in the sky above Votkinskoe reservoir (Republic of Udmurtia) on September 8th, at 15.35 Moscow time. It was held on board an Il-78 refuel tanker and lasted 25 minutes. The organizer of the exposition was the Exhibition Holding MVK. The exposition was visited by 30 people, 10 of them had entrance tickets. The dimensions of the exposition were: a width of 2.09 meters, a length of 4.09 meters and a height of 2.09. The exposition contained the awards received by MVK holding over the past 15 years. Among them, a number of cups, letters of thanks, diplomas and medals. The exposition stand was made of an aluminum framework. The total weight of the stand together with the artifacts was 145 kg.


The exposition was registered by the chief editor of the "Record Book of Russia", Alexey Orestovich Svistunov under the name of "the First Exposition in the Stratosphere" (at a height of over 12,000 m).

The press service of the Exhibition Holding MVK is ready to give you additional information upon your request, as well as exclusive photo materials

The information was prepared by the press service of the Exhibition Holding MVK.

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