Press-release. A non-stop flight Moscow-Far East-Moscow

1st Event
Time: 14 hours in flight
Distance: 15 thousand kilometers
Transport: airplane SU-30.
Pilots: Hero of the Russian Federation, Anatoliy Kvochur, test pilot Serguey Korostiev.
Fuel: 40 tons were consumed
Refuels: 5 refuels were made during the flight
Route: Ramenskoe-Isle of Chkalov- Ramenskoe

2nd Event
Time: 25 minutes
Height: 12 100 meters, stratosphere
Transport: air tanker IL-78
Pilot: crew commander Pavel Shalygin
Achievement: record set in "Record Book of Russia"
Status: for the first time in the world

Organizer of the events: International Exposition Holding MVK

On the night of September 8th, 2006 a fighter-interceptor jet SU-30 took off from air field Ramenskoe (Zhukovskiy). The crew that piloted the jet was made up of: commander, Russian hero, Anatoliy Kvochur and 2nd pilot, test pilot, Serguey Korostiev. The SU-30 repeated the legendary route Ramenskoe-isle of Chkalov-Ramenskoe and covered around 15 thousand kilometers in 14 hours.

During the unprecedented non-stop flight 5 individual refuels in the air were made by two IL-78 air tankers.

On board of one of the ILs-78, at a height of 12 100 meters the first world exposition in the stratosphere was held. The exposition united two presentations: “MVK exhibition stands in the stratosphere” and “Stars of Russian Furniture- Still higher, and higher, and higher!” The exposition was officially registered in the “Record Book of Russia” as the “First World Exposition in the Stratosphere” and it was certified by the chief editor of the book, Alexey Svistunov.

On September 8th, at 15.42 p.m. Moscow time, the Su-30 made a successful landing in Zhukovskiy. The crew of the aircraft was welcomed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force of the RF, Vladimir Mikhailov, and by the Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK (International Exhibition Company), Alexey Shaburov.

The author of the idea of the flight and of the exposition in stratosphere, Alexey Shaburov declared: “patriotism is a distinguishing feature of the Russian people. We must set records, perform heroic exploits and cherish our history!”

The International Exposition Holding MVK organizes 115 exposition projects per year and is an unquestionable leader in the Russian exposition market.

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