The formal ceremony of the 70th anniversary in commemoration of the historic flight by Valery Chkalov

On the 10th of October, at 12.00 in the State Duma, the International exhibition Holding MVK will organize a formal ceremony in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the historic flight by Valery Chkalov. 70 years ago in 1936, in 56 hours and 20 minutes the crew of Valery Chkalov covered a distance of 9 374 km on board a ANT-25.

An echo of the historic exploit by V.Chkalov will resound in the State Duma of the RF.

On the 8th of September, the Hero of Russia, a distinguished test pilot of the USSR, Anatoliy Kvochur and the test pilot Serguey Korostiev covered 15 thousand kilometers in 14 hours with 5 refuels in the air on board a Su-30 fighter jet. A formal ceremony was dedicated to this event.

The commemoration of the historic event will have a contemporary glamour thanks to one more event, on the 10th of October the State Duma will host the first exposition in the stratosphere, at a height of 12,100 meters, also initiated by MVK holding.

The refuels were made by IL-78 tankers. And this engine was the one to host the first world exposition in the stratosphere. Having transferred all its fuel, the IL-78 took a height of 12,100 meters and maintained it for 25 minutes. This record was officially registered by the chief editor of the "Record Book of Russia", Alexey Orestovich Svistunov.

The formal ceremony will be attended by:
Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force of the RF, Vladimir Mikhailov;
Daughter of the illustrious pilot V.Chkalov - Valeria Chkalova;
Commander of the 203rd separate guards Orlov regiment of the air tankers, Dmitriy Leonidovich Kostyunin.

Thus, on the 10th of October, MVK holding will pay homage to history within the walls of the State Duma and will hold a second demonstration of "The First World Exposition in the Stratosphere".

We remember our history!
We work for the future of Russia!

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