The Presentation of the project “Still higher, and higher, and higher” in the State Duma of the Russian Federation

This project represents a large number of events that embrace the past, present and future of Russia.

About 6 months ago a Russian hero, test pilot Anatoliy Kvochur made a speech on television. In his speech he remarked that in 2006 the 70th anniversary of the historic flight by Valery Chkalov on board an ANT-25 will be celebrated. And that his dream was to repeat this exploit, which needed sponsorship …

And his speech was heard.

Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK (International Exhibition Company) Alexey Shaburov has “taken up” the idea, and the echo of the historic record resounded today…

On the 8th of September, a SU-30 plane piloted by Anatoliy Kvochur and Serguey Korostiev made a non-stop flight on the route: Ramenskoe- isle of Chkalov- Ramenskoe, having covered 15 thousand kilometers in 14 hours. The plane was refueled in the air 5 times from two IL-78 tankers and 40 tons of fuel was consumed.

This event commemorating historic exploits made it possible to set a world record in contemporary Russia.

Two exhibitions united in one “Stars of modern furniture” and “Exposition brands of MVK in the stratosphere” were held by MVK on board the refueling tanker IL-78. Having performed the 5th refueling of the SU-30, the IL-78 tanker has taken a height of 12,100 meters and maintained it for 25 minutes. Russia thus became the country that hosted the first world exposition in stratosphere. This record was officially noted in the “Record Book of Russia”.

Презентация проекта «Всё выше, и выше, и выше!» в Государственной Думе РФ

The deputies of the State Duma, Russian hero Anatoliy Kvochur, IL-78 pilots, daughter of the legendary pilot Valery Valerievich Chkalov, holders of the leading Russian furniture companies (“Dobriy Styl'”, “Shatura”, “Dyatkovo”) and, naturally, the owners of the MVK holding on whose initiative the event was held — President of the company, Andrey Lapshin, and Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors MVK of the organization, Alexey Shaburov, participated in the presentation of the project.

Презентация проекта «Всё выше, и выше, и выше!» в Государственной Думе РФ

During the presentation, the speakers continually made comparisons between the two flights reflected by the design of the stand placed in the hall: on the left of the stage an exposition was designed dedicated to the flight of 1936 and on the right- the one dedicated to the flight of 2006. All the visitors of the exposition and the media have carefully studied the stand that conquered the height of 12 kilometers, that is, they were offered to see the First World Exposition in the Stratosphere.

The presentation started at 12.a.m. precisely and lasted for around 2 hours. Each speech was penetrated by the idea that Russia needs to revive the long-forgotten traditions of sponsorship. Our country with its vast soul particularly needs it. The “powerful” step of MVK holding cannot be ignored; it has initiated a rapprochement of interests of the state and business, having showed an example of “patriotic business”.

Презентация проекта «Всё выше, и выше, и выше!» в Государственной Думе РФ

Public opinion lately has been preoccupied by the frequent aircraft accidents due to worn-out equipment. The organization of this flight has drawn the attention of the government to the Russian aviation industry. According to Anatoliy Kvochur, the flight on board the Su-30 was a demonstration of the possibilities of modern aviation techniques. Right now, a number of innovations introduced for this flight are being considered to be implemented in other Russian aircrafts in order to bring down the number of accidents and to prevent them totally.

Anatoliy Kvochur gave his hearty thanks to all the people who “made” this flight: technicians, engineers; they worked night and day in order for the Su-30 “to dash across Russia at an average speed of 1000 km per hour”.

Valeria Velerievna Chkalova made a very deep-felt speech. “The project of MVK is unique. It must be known, it must be remembered. It must be developed”. Those were the words of the daughter of the famous pilot with regard to the project initiated by MVK.

The closing of the ceremony was given by the actual author of the project “Still higher, and higher, and higher”, Alexey Shaburov.

“We express our thanks to all those who have participated in carrying out of this project. Many of them are not present here. They are engineers, operators of ground services and just ordinary people. And the contribution of each one of them has merited appraisal.

Презентация проекта «Всё выше, и выше, и выше!» в Государственной Думе РФ

I will say a special word regarding the business part of the project. The exposition of furniture was held in the stratosphere for the first time in the world. With my great respect for the Association of Russian Furniture Makers represented by Mr.Zverev, the owner of Katusha; M. Serguey Avdeev, the Dobriy Styl factory and Mr. Serguey Batyrev, the director of the furniture company Shatura, I would like to give them memorable Diplomas.“

The presentation was beautifully closed up by applause that was gradually followed by the sound of the Russian National Anthem.

Each country remembers its past. And we have a great past.
And our future will be greater still.

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